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VIZ Media Animates The Holidays With A Special iTunes Promotion

Posted 15 Dec 2010 — by Jason A. Hill
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By Jason A. Hill

vis media movies i didnt getFREE Episodes Available Download-To-Own For Limited Time

VIZ Media celebrates the season with a special Download-to-Own promotion on the iTunes Store in the U.S. (, perfect to round out digital holiday gift lists to delight audiences young & old.

Just in time for the holidays, from now until February 1st, download for FREE the full first episodes for VAMPIRE KNIGHT, BLEACH, KEKKAISHI, and NARUTO SHIPPUDEN. All subsequent episodes are available to rent for only $0.99 each, or to own for only $1.99 each.

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VIZ Media Brings Japanese Sci-Fi To U.S.

Posted 18 Nov 2010 — by Jason A. Hill
Category Anime, Film Industry News

By Jason A. Hill

The Ouroboros Wave Jyouji Hayashi movies i didnt getAnyone who knows me knows I am a sci-fi nut. Among my favorite sci-fi films are inspired by the writers who bring these stories to our collective consciousness, like Isaac Asimov, H.G. Wells, Jules Verne, William Gibson, and Philip K. Dick. More recently, I have noticed some bold, creative, and incredibly complex sci-fi writing coming out of Japan in the past few years.

On Tuesday VIZ Media announced they were releasing a couple of new books by young Japanese sci-fi writers under its Haikasoru imprint. The Ouroboros Wave, by Jyouji Hayashi, and the paperback edition of Dragon Sword and Wind Child, by Noriko Ogiwara, will introduce Japanese sci-fi at its best to the U.S. I can only hope film adaptations will soon follow! Read More

VIZ Media Releases Ultra Maniac On iTunes, Hulu

Posted 09 Nov 2010 — by Jason A. Hill
Category Animation, Anime, Film Industry News

By Jason A. Hill

VIZ Media Press Release:


Ultra Manic Viz Media shojo movies is didnt getULTRA MANIAC AVAILABLE FROM iTUNES, HULU AND VIZANIME.COM

Episode 1 Available For FREE Download-To-Own For Limited Time!

VIZ Media announces the launch of Ultra Maniac (rated TV-14), available now from the iTunes Store in the U.S. and Canada (, as well as the streaming content provider Hulu ( and, the company’s premier website for anime.

Starting today, iTunes will offer the first part of Ultra Maniac Season One (dubbed episodes 1-13) for the Download-To-Own (DTO) price of $1.99 (U.S.) each, and a Download-To-Rent (DTR) price of $0.99 (U.S.) each. As a special treat for viewers, Ultra Maniac Episode 1 is available to download for free until November 23. Beginning December 6, Ultra Maniac Season One Part Two (episodes 14-26) will also be available for DTO and DTR. and Hulu will stream free episodes 1-5 of Ultra Maniac (subtitled). Two additional new episodes will launch each Monday.

To learn more about the Ultra Maniac anime and manga series, please visit or

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Funimation To Submit Summer Wars For Oscar Nomination

Posted 03 Nov 2010 — by contributor
Category Animation, Anime, Film Industry News, Film Reviews

By Corey Birkhofer

Summer Wars, Japan, 2009

Directed by Mamoru Hosada

summer wars movie poster movies ididnt getWith the rampant popularity and ubiquitous prevalence of social networking phenomenon including FaceBook, Twitter, MySpace and so many other copycats, Summer Wars could not have hit the screens at a more timely point in the evolution of mankind’s obsession with recreating reality in a virtually controlled world. Other films, stories, animations, comics and forms of media distribution have all hinted at our dangerous courtship in relying too heavily upon technology to make our lives easier and more connected, but Summer Wars, which is being submitted for an Oscar nomination by Funimation, has its finger on the pulse of the inner fear we all share – the “Terminator”-phobia, if you will – that our heavily depended upon technology will turn on us.

“A spokesperson for Funimation Entertainment told TheWrap this week that it is currently filling out Academy paperwork for the Japanese anime release Summer Wars, directed by Mamoru Hosada, and will complete a qualifying run in Los Angeles before the end of the year. Barring any disqualifications for the kind of eligibility issues that can always arise with the Academy, or any unexpected decisions not to submit, Summer Wars will bring the field only two shy of the needed total.”

–’s Steve Pond

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VIZ Media Launches Free VIZ Manga iPad App

Posted 03 Nov 2010 — by Jason A. Hill
Category Animation, Anime, Film Industry News

By Jason A. Hill

Dragon Ball Z manga ipad appVIZ Media releases a new free iPad app which fans of its massive manga collection can enjoy reading on the iPad. In a press release Tuesday, VIZ announced the new app, which will feature three of its most successful manga franchises: Naruto, Dragon Ball, Bleach and Death Note, which will be available for free download for a limited time.

San Francisco, CA, November 2, 2010 – VIZ Media, LLC (VIZ Media), one of the entertainment industry’s most innovative and comprehensive publishing, animation and licensing companies, has announced its long-awaited digital manga (graphic novel) application for the Apple iPad mobile device, launching today for FREE download through the iTunes Store. With this launch, the VIZ MANGA APP instantly becomes the leading destination to read Japanese manga on the iPad, with a downloadable library of the most popular manga series in the world.

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VIZ Media Releases New Naruto Art Book

Posted 22 Oct 2010 — by Jason A. Hill
Category Animation, Anime, Film Industry News

By Jason A. Hill

Naruto art book cover illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto movies i didnt getIn a press release yesterday, Viz Media, a leader in anime distribution in the US, released a gorgeous Naruto art book illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto.

The Naruto anime series has been a big hit in the US, both in print manga and with its popular animation series on Cartoon Network. The series follows Naruto, a mischievous ninja with a good sense of humor, as he battles demonic forces with his companions Sasuke, Sakura and Kakashi, who accompany Naruto on his ongoing mission to be the world’s greatest ninja. Read More