What are your credentials to judge any films?

Most of the other staff have attended film school and are writers in their own right. Besides that, my opinion (or that of the staff’s) is no better than yours and any one is free to submit to me an article for publication.

Are you paid in any way by any studio or other entity in the film industry?

The side does attempt to generate revenue from affiliate programs and Google advertising but in no way is this site paid or sponsored by any party in the film industry.

How may I find many of the movies you talk about?

Go to the movies! It’s the best for of entertainment ever invented! But there is also TV with a huge selection now available online. My personal favorite source is NetFlix, there is an ad at the top of the page for signing up. But there are also many online options for renting and buying these films. If you are having too much trouble I may be willing to help you find it, that partly why I started this site.

I own a website, can I re-publish an article found on your site?

Yes, there are re-publishing guidelines you must follow, such as no editing the contact and giving full credit to the origin site page and author, but we encourage the exchange of quality articles!

I would like to advertise on you site, how to I do this?

Please contact JasonAHill@MoviesIDidntGet.com and please see our Advertising info page.


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