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Khan Not In Star Trek 2

Posted 27 Oct 2010 — by contributor
Category Film Industry News, Hollywood Beat

By Rachel Menendez

Ricardo Montalban as khan movies i didnt getAccording to the website Badass Digest and an unnamed production source, Khan, a Star Trek villain played by the late Ricardo Montalban and made famous by his appearances in the original ’60s TV series and the hit sequel to the first Star Trek film, will not be a character in the sequel to the new Star Trek reboot.

Speculation was high that Khan would be the focus of the new film, but sources revealed that the new film will not focus on a singular “mastermind” villain. Instead, the plot may involve a collection of classic Star Trek characters.

Khan is often seen as Captain Kirk’s biggest foe by many Star Trek: The Original Series (1966) fans, but the new film will have to create its antagonistic tension without him.

But then who will be the main villain? Read More