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Scenechronize – The Efficient, Environmentally-Friendly Future Of Production

Posted 18 Apr 2011 — by Ezra Stead
Category Film Industry News, Hollywood Beat

By Ezra Stead

Scenechronize is revolutionizing the film production process.

Last month, covered the story of a $5 million dollar series B financing deal led by three private investors for the web-based production management system known as “scenechronize.” Scenechronize is the only system of its kind currently in use, and it is already streamlining the production process of numerous films and television series by eliminating the costly and wasteful practices employed in the industry up until now. Scenechronize provides automatic distribution of script changes, sides, call sheets, prep memos, location maps and other information previously relayed through phone calls, emails, memos and other forms of written communication in a time-consuming, inefficient process susceptible to mistakes. According to the San Francisco-based company’s CEO, Hunter Hancock, “scenechronize expedites and streamlines communications for the entire production, saving wasted time, significant amounts of money, and lots and lots of trees.” Read More

DISH Network Ends Blackout For Fox

Posted 31 Oct 2010 — by Jason A. Hill
Category Film Industry News

By Jason A. Hill

movies i didnt get dish network logoIn a press release Friday from DISH Network, they announced the end of its blackout for Fox Networks, restoring Fox’s broadcasting to the cable service. The end of the disagreement between DISH and Fox, which lasted over a month, provides relief to many MLB fans now in the fourth game of the World Series. Along with baseball Fox will return many stations and networks to DISH, including The Simpsons, Glee, House, Sons of Anarchy and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia on FX. Fox will also carry Border Wars and the upcoming Great Migrations on National Geographic Channel. Read More