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Bangkok Girl – What’s In A Smile?

Posted 12 Oct 2010 — by Jason A. Hill
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By Jason A. Hill

Bangkok Girl, Canada, 2005

Directed by Jordan Clark

pla smilingAfter the first few minutes into this film, I realized it wasn’t your typical big-budget, Michael Moore-style documentary about global/macro world issues. However, Jordan Clark, with his low-budget quality, gives us a film that is free-flowing and spontaneous, with the kind of scenes that are often missing from many higher profile docs. The filmmaker gets close to the subject of the film, perhaps too close. He blurs the line of objective observance while digging into Bangkok’s seedy underworld. The film deals with the comparatively seldom recognized issue of Bangkok’s “sex tourism” industry. Prostitution is a thriving part of the city’s economy, but it’s also a cause of crime and the exploitation of Bangkok’s young women. Clark arrives just like many other westerners on holiday, but he is armed with a camera and the intent of capturing a story. Read More