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Hitting The Nuts Humorous But Accurate Portrayal Of Hometown Poker

Posted 11 May 2012 — by Jason A. Hill
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hitting the nuts film poster

By James Guill

Hitting The Nuts, USA, 2011

Directed by Joe Boyd

Since the poker boom in 2003, film makers have tried to create a movie that resounds with the poker community much in the way that Rounders has.  Unfortunately, many of those movies have either fell well short of the mark, or had no clue what the game really was all about.

Last April, independent film producer and director Joe Boyd released a film entitled Hitting the Nuts: The True Story of the Scott County Series of Poker. At first glance, this films looked to be a low budget attempt to cash in on poker’s popular.  However, after watching the film, many discovered that this cast of unknowns had actually properly captured the spirit of the game.

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