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Seeking Wellness: Suffering Through Four Movements

Posted 29 Aug 2011 — by Ezra Stead
Category Film Reviews, Movies I Got

By Ezra Stead

Seeking Wellness: Suffering Through Four Movements, USA, 2008

Written and Directed by Daniel Schneidkraut

Seeking Wellness: Suffering Through Four Movements is a disturbing and darkly funny first feature from Twin Cities filmmaker Daniel Schneidekraut. “This is not a film,” proclaims the opening title card of Daniel Schneidkraut’s Seeking Wellness: Suffering Through Four Movements. “It is a video ritual. Watch and receive.” This unsettling (some would say pretentious) announcement is followed by an opening credits sequence that seems directly inspired by the diabolical French provocateur Gaspar Noe (I Stand Alone, Irreversible, Enter the Void). Another apparent influence is the German filmmaker Michael Haneke (The Seventh Continent, Funny Games, The White Ribbon) – in fact, I would say this is second in line, after my beloved Dogtooth, for the title of Best Michael Haneke Film Michael Haneke Never Made – so clearly, this is a dark and twisted creation that could generously be described as “not for everyone.” That said, for fans of transgressive and artistic cinema, this is undoubtedly the Minneapolis-based independent feature I would recommend above all others, despite my more direct involvement in a few others (full disclosure: I am thanked in the credits for this one, though I had no idea of this fact until I finally saw the finished product and was never on set). Read More

Khan Not In Star Trek 2

Posted 27 Oct 2010 — by contributor
Category Film Industry News, Hollywood Beat

By Rachel Menendez

Ricardo Montalban as khan movies i didnt getAccording to the website Badass Digest and an unnamed production source, Khan, a Star Trek villain played by the late Ricardo Montalban and made famous by his appearances in the original ’60s TV series and the hit sequel to the first Star Trek film, will not be a character in the sequel to the new Star Trek reboot.

Speculation was high that Khan would be the focus of the new film, but sources revealed that the new film will not focus on a singular “mastermind” villain. Instead, the plot may involve a collection of classic Star Trek characters.

Khan is often seen as Captain Kirk’s biggest foe by many Star Trek: The Original Series (1966) fans, but the new film will have to create its antagonistic tension without him.

But then who will be the main villain? Read More