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The Town – Not Just Hunting For A Paycheck

Posted 26 Jun 2011 — by contributor
Category Film Reviews, Movies I Got

By Scott Martin

The Town, USA, 2010

Directed by Ben Affleck

The Town feels like a film that could stand on its own, and Affleck makes the material his own, while paying respect to Charlestown and the novel itself. In 1997, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon gave us a soft and emotional tour of Boston in Good Will Hunting, as they knew it growing up. They explored the values of hope and family. In 2007, ten years later, Affleck went it alone and took us back to Boston with Gone Baby Gone, exploring themes of loss and grief, right and wrong. In 2010, Affleck took us to the doorstep, sat us down on the curb, and said, “Watch.” The town, Charlestown, to be specific, lives and breathes by itself as the central hub of bank robberies in New England. The film’s opening quotes tell us that the trade is almost a birthright, something you’re born into, or against. For the four lads in this film, it’s the only life they know, and they’ll go to incredible lengths to protect it.

Ben Affleck is a fantastic director. Being an actor, he understands how to work with them and get the best performances possible. There isn’t a false performance in this film, not one, and if Good Will Hunting and Gone Baby Gone weren’t already an indication, he’s an extremely gifted writer. He’s a great American filmmaker, if I may be so bold. After only two films as director, that’s pretty bold, but I’ll stand by it. Sue me. Affleck understands pacing better than most directors working today. I think it can be attributed to his involvement in the scriptwriting, and his timing as an actor. All of these elements elevate his films beyond what they might be in the hands of other directors. He isn’t a Scorsese or a Capra or a Coppola, but he’s Affleck, and, at the very least, he was the bomb in Phantoms. Read More

Top 10 At The Box Office (Oct. 29-31)

Posted 01 Nov 2010 — by contributor
Category Box Office News

By James Dohan

Saw 3D: The Final Chapter leads a lackluster Halloween weekend at the box office.

1 (1) Saw VII 3D Lionsgate 5,555,000 /$24,200,000
2 (2) Paranormal Activity 2 Paramount Pictures $4,311,000 /$65,658,000
3 (3) Red Summit Entertainment $2,563,000 /$58,904,794
4 (4) Jackass 3D Paramount Pictures $2,058,000 /$101,578,000
5 (5) Hereafter Warner Bros. $1,590,000 /$22,161,000
6 (6) Secretariat Walt Disney Pictures $1,242,000 /$44,774,000
7 (7) The Social Network Sony Pictures $1,055,000 /$79,700,000
8 (8) Life as We Know It Warner Bros. $869,000 /$43,478,000
9 (11) Conviction Fox Searchlight $485,000 /$2,377,614
10 (9) The Town Warner Bros. $464,000 /$87,602,000
11 (10) Legend of the Guardians:
Warner Bros. $410,000 /$52,621,000

Source: The Numbers

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Top 10 Movies At The Box Office (Oct 21 – 24)

Posted 25 Oct 2010 — by contributor
Category Box Office News, Film Industry News

By James Dohan

1 (1) Paranormal Activity 2 Paramount Pictures $8,385,000 /$41,500,000
2 (2) Jackass 3D Paramount Pictures $5,700,000 /$87,147,000
3 (3) Red Summit Entertainment $3,493,000 /$43,483,269
4 (4) Hereafter Warner Bros. $3,124,000 /$12,320,000
5 (6) Secretariat Walt Disney Pictures $1,818,000 /$37,360,000
6 (5) The Social Network Sony Pictures $1,687,000 /$72,931,000
7 (7) Life as We Know It Warner Bros. $1,411,000 /$37,615,000
8 (8) Legend of the Guardians(Owls)
Warner Bros. $948,000 /$50,172,000
9 (9) The Town Warner Bros. $630,000 /$84,653,000
10 (10) Easy A Sony/Screen Gems $384,000 /$54,785,000


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