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Kill Shot: The Story Behind bin Laden’s Death

Posted 11 May 2011 — by Nicole P
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By Rachel Menendez“Kill Shot: The Story behind bin Laden’s Death” airs on 20/20

The world awoke Monday morning to the incredible news that the United States had finally “got” Osama bin Laden. This Friday, 20/20 gives you exclusive insight into the incredible military operation that led to the storming of his compound on Sunday Night ET.

This special gives viewers their most thorough insight yet into the death of Osama bin Laden from the events as they unfolded in the Situation Room and what happened inside his compound in Pakistan.

Featuring behind the scenes reports from Chris Cuomo, Elizabeth Vargas and Chris Connelly in New York, Martha Raddatz in Washington D.C and Nick Schifrin in Pakistan and exclusive video from inside the compound, this is a television event you should not miss. Read More