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We started this site mainly because of all the great conversations we get into about films we love or hated over the years. Many times we have changed our views on a certain film based on some strong arguments by a passionate film lover.

ezra stead is Editor In Chief at moviesididntget.com Ezra Stead, Film Writer and Head Film Editor of Movies I Didn’t Get.com

Ezra Stead is the Editor In Chief of Movies I Didn’t Get. Ezra is also a screenwriter, actor, filmmaker, rapper and poet who has competed in four National Poetry Slams and been previously published in The Liberator and SLAB literary magazine, as well as the online journal Borderline (http://borderlinepoetry.tumblr.com/archive). Ezra recently saw the release of a feature film, James Vogel’s The City, which he co-wrote and in which he plays the lead role (http://jamesvogelpresents.com/James_Vogel_Presents/The_City.html); he also recently released his first solo album as a rapper, the Tom Swifty LP, and is one-third of the Hip-Hop group Matching Wits, whose second free online mixtape, Matching Wits Talks To Teenagers Vol. 2 will be released in April. A Minneapolis native, Ezra currently lives in Brooklyn, New York. For more information, please contact EzraStead@MoviesIDidntGet.com.


Fred Ibarra is a News Writer for Movies I Didn't Get Fred Ibarra is News Desk Editor at Movies I Didn’t Get

Fred Ibarra runs the News Desk at Movies I Didn’t Get.com. Fred has generally kept his journalism career in print media, including as an entertainment writer and columnist for the Long Beach Press-Telegram; and covering political and lifestyle issues for The Sanger Herald. He was born and raised in Los Angeles – where he’s still posted – and has covered the Academy Awards a couple of times. His sprint into writing free-lance articles landed him directly into Symbiotic Loop Media, where he feels close-to-home with his interest in covering the entertainment field and will serve as Head News Editor. For questions or story ideas, Fred Ibarra may be reached at fred.ibarra@symbioticloopmedia.com.






Scott Martin playing guitar Scott Martin is Head Film Critic for Movies I Didn’t Get

Scott Martin is Head Film Critic for MoviesIDidn’tGet.com. Scott is a writer and musician and a self described cinephile, Oscar-holic, and general film nerd. Scott lives in in San Francisco. He offers his musings to you at http://scottlmartin.blogspot.com/ “The Filmgoer’s Project.” Please contact ScottMartin@moviesididntget.com




nicole pare virtual assistant Nicole is Content Editor for Movies I Didn’t Get

Nicolette A Pare is Content Editor for Movies I Didn’t Get. Nicole
holds a BS in Office Administration and previously worked as a
customer and technical support for Microsoft Zune customers in the US
and Canada. Nicole is also a free lance Virtual Assistant that works
from her home in the Philippines where she also manages her household
as a wife and mother. Nicole enjoys all things Internet such as
reading blogs and YouTube.





Jason A Hill is the founder of moviesididntget.com Jason A. Hill is Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Movies I Didn’t Get.

Jason A. HIll is the Founder and Owner of Movies I Didn’t Get.com. He is Junior Editor and still a contributing writer to the site. His articles and film reviews cover a variety of film news and film genres that have been syndicated to many sites in the film blog sphere. He specializes in independent film in the US and Asia. For more information please contact Jason at JasonAHill@MoviesIDidn’tGet.






Corey Birkhofer is a Contributing Writer and Co-founder of Movies I Didn’t Get.

Corey Birkhofer is a contributing writer and co-founder of Movies I Didn’t Get. Corey is a graduate of University of MN where he  Simultaneously attended the Minneapolis Community Technical College to get the hands-on filmmaking experience and training on celluloid. Born in Iowa, raised in MN, with several repeat long term stays in Japan, Corey has traveled many miles and seen many things in his time on this planet.  Corey speaks fluent Japanese and continues to live and work in Japan, where he has been an ESL teacher, translator and headhunter.  Corey also continues his work in independent film and recently finished work on a short Japanese film called “The Life.” A sampling of Corey’s other film work can be seen here: http://www.youtube.com/user/cbirky?feature=mhum.  Corey has fostered an appreciation for the analog aspects of filmmaking and has been a passion since before his university days. Please contact CoreyBirkhofer@moviesididntget.com.

Lets face it, if you love film, you’ve probably seen quite a few of them that have left you scratching your head.

In addition we will cover film industry news, trends, jobs, and the latest on upcoming films.

We will post new articles every week but please feel free to send me an inquiry if you want to get an idea about a film out there.

Here is how the process works:

Write a short synopsis of a film you didn’t understand or didn’t like (or both).

Email it to me here: info@moviesididntget.com.

We will review the article and if it meets the standards of the site we will publish it on the main page.

If you simply want to talk about a movie and want a quicker response, we suggest posting in the forum.

We’re looking forward to having some great conversation on movies. Thanks for stopping by!

– Movies I Didn’t Get Staff.


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