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Pet Sematary – The Soil Is Still Stony, If Not Quite So Rich

Posted 10 Apr 2019 — by Ezra Stead
Category Film Reviews

By Ezra Stead

Pet Sematary, USA, 2019

Directed by Kevin Kolsch & Dennis Widmyer

I would never recommend reading a movie review without having first seen the movie in question for yourself, but I would also never dream of spoiling the plot of a movie I review without providing a fair warning. So if you are somehow unfamiliar with the basics of Pet Sematary (come on, you’ve had thirty years to see the original movie, and thirty-five to read the book – what are you even doing with your life?), consider this your warning to stop right here and rectify that.
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Toning Down The Terror – Stephen King At The Movies

Posted 01 Nov 2016 — by Ezra Stead
Category Essay

By Ezra Stead 

carrieFew authors in the 20th century (or any time, for that matter) have been more frequently adapted for the movies than Maine’s favorite son, Stephen King. This Halloween season, instead of presenting a cross-section of my month’s viewing as I have in years past, I thought I’d offer a look at some (not nearly all) of those movie adaptations and the ways in which certain elements were changed from page to screen. More importantly, we’ll be exploring why those elements were changed (at least, to the best of my speculation). Specifically, many of these movies tend to tone down two things: violence (especially directed at children) and overtly supernatural elements.

SpoilerAlertLet’s start from the beginning. Carrie was King’s first published novel and, within two years’ time, the first movie adaptation of his work. Brian De Palma’s 1976 film is still the best adaptation that has been made of the book, and one of the best of all S.K. movies in general. However, even bloody Mr. De Palma softened the blow of Carrie’s destructive rampage a bit, though probably more for budgetary reasons than anything else. In the movie, we see Carrie burn down her school and blow up a car on her way home, but in the book she pretty much destroys the whole goddamn town on that walk home. The novel actually includes an official body count of 409, “with 49 still listed as missing,” which seems significantly higher than what we see in the movie. Read More

AMC Renews Walking Dead For Second Season

Posted 11 Nov 2010 — by Jason A. Hill
Category Film Industry News

By Jason A. Hill

the walking dead on amc movies i didnt getAMC announced Monday that it is renewing its breakout hit The Walking Dead, based on Robert Kirkman’s 2003 comic book series of the same name, for a second season with a 13-episode order. This announcement comes on the heels of Walking Dead‘s record-breaking October 31 premiere, which drew 5.3 million viewers.

In addition to AMC, Fox International Channels have also renewed the series for a second season. Walking Dead has had record-breaking premieres in 120 countries all across Europe, Latin America, Asia and the Middle East. The series has attracted a record number of adults in the 18-49-year-old demographic, as The Walking Dead proves its viability amid viewer demand for premium shows on cable.

The Walking Dead, written and directed by Frank Darabont (who is also executive-producing with Kirkman, Gale Anne Hurd and David Alpert), launched a massive promotional campaign and showed impressive numbers in its second airing, which drew 4.7 million viewers and had only a marginal decline not typical for many premieres.

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