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Ezra’s Spooktober 2018 – Year Of The King

Posted 25 Oct 2018 — by Ezra Stead
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By Ezra Stead 

As always, I’m far from finished watching scary movies for the month of October, and we won’t be covering everything I’ve watched this month, for the sake of your time and my sanity. In brief, I’ve caught up on some classic franchise entries (Stepfather IIDamien: Omen IIHalloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers), checked out some newer gems like this year’s The Endless and Terrifier, and revisited some old favorites, including five generally less-loved Stephen King adaptations, which is what we’re going to focus on here.

Stephen King’s Children of the Corn (1984) is not exactly a critically beloved film, but it has managed to spawn eight sequels and a 2009 TV-movie, which is pretty impressive considering the original short story that started it all runs about thirty pages in total. Meanwhile, King’s Dark Tower series, a sprawling saga that runs well over 4,000 pages, got a disappointing 90-minute film adaptation last year. As William Goldman (screenwriter of, among many others, Misery and Dreamcatcher) famously said regarding Hollywood decision-making, “Nobody knows anything.” Anyway, in this writer’s opinion, Children of the Corn is a very enjoyable B-movie worth revisiting, especially for all the scenes that really forefront the very creepy kids. Courtney Gains is especially fun to watch as Malachi, he of the most hateful face in all of cinema. Just look at that scowling bastard up there. Awesome.  Read More

Jimmy Kimmel This Week (May 9-13)

Posted 09 May 2011 — by Nicole P
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Jimmy Kimmel Live Publishing Late Night TV to the Limit.By Rachel Menendez

It’s another action packed week on Jimmy Kimmel with celebrity guests, athletes, musical and comedy acts aplenty. Here’s a taster of what you can expect out of the Jimmy Kimmel bag of tricks this week.

Monday, May 9 sees actor Rob Lowe on the show to talk about his newly released book “Stories I Only Tell My Friends”. Following this the energizer bunny that is Ty Pennington, the host of “Extreme Makeover”, comes on the show. Wiz Khalifa – the rapper wonder kid of the moment visits the set to talk about his latest album “Rolling Papers”.

Tuesday, May 10 there is a range of guests on the show including Nathan Fillion from “Castle”, the most recently voted off couple from Dancing with the Stars and musical guest Calle 13. Read More